Faith-Based Investing

Socially Responsible and Faith-Based Investing

We call it Impact Investing and it allows individuals, organizations, and entities that desire to have their investments be aligned with their values, concerns, personal convictions, and/or faith beliefs. We are most sensitive and familiar with screening and portfolio construction to mirror humane, moral, environmental, and governance guidelines. We overlay these with our standard investment fiduciary standards.

Alcohol, Gambling, Adult Entertainment, Tobacco, Environment, Human Rights, Abortion, Landmines, Animal testing, and Nuclear Power are just some of the screens available to our selective clients. Corporate responsibility and ownership screening is a core element of all our individual client portfolio construction.

Socially responsible investors have historically been organizations, foundations, trusts, and nonprofit entities, but in the last few years we have increasingly applied on behalf of individuals and families. Oftentimes, an investment policy statement (IPS) reflects investing in a specific directed manner and clients consult with us in developing as well as implementing a structure to carry out investment solutions consistent with an IPS.

We believe in values-based investing, aligning your values with investments which are consistent with personal and or moral beliefs. You do not have to invest your retirement dollars or capital in a black box, unknowingly with companies that have practices inconsistent with your values. To obtain more information on values-based or socially responsible investing, you may call our office at (815) 316-1111 to set up an initial consultation at no charge.