Mission/Value Statement

Our Mission
Our Retirement and Wealth Management Vision is to meaningfully and positively affect people's financial lives by growing, enhancing and protecting assets while improving life outcomes.

Our Values

  • Goal Based Financial Planning and Wealth Management
  • Opportunistic and Independent Fiduciary Process driven (not product oriented, to achieve successful client outcomes).
  • Listen, collaborate & Respect Individual Uniqueness
  • Excellence, Responsibility & Critical Thinking
  • Advocate for Financial Protection of Capital
  • Provide Discipline, Structure and Organization
  • Fee based, consultative Financial Planning process, excelling in Fiduciary obligations to select Individuals/Families. Trusts. Foundations and Businesses
  • Code of Ethics of the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards and Prudent Investor guidelines
  • Be Rockford area's leading independent private Financial Planning and Wealth Management firm, drawing upon industries largest independent privately held National Network